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Summer camps

We help to children to be children for they can grow up to better adults! Close Neighbor concentrates on inclusion of underprivileged children, mostly from Roma families, through leisure activities and non fromal education. We also participated on methodics on this topic. We try to focus on concrete children, which we visit at their lodging house, shelters and ghetoo. We go to a swimming pool, zoo and trips with them. In our new clubhouse we organize clubs and courses. In the Summer time, we organize camps for Roma children and we send a small part of our children to some camps with preponderance of children of the majority population. We believe that "breathing" the camp atmosphere is great experience for our children, to get a feeling they can be a welcome part of our society. We always try to initiate good relationships with their families and share together our live experiences... Shortly we are together and we love each other.

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